Comply with the New Joint Commission MBC Standard


For those of you who missed it, yesterday’s Joint Commission webinar outlined why all accredited behavioral healthcare organizations are being required to start using Measurement-Based Care by January 1st as well as various compliance options. 

The new standard CTS.03.01.09 sets three overall requirements:

  1. Use standardized tools or instruments to monitor how patients are progressing from Intake through discharge
  2. Use the data generated by the tools to inform clinical care and identify those patients not progressing as well as expected
  3. Aggregate the data periodically to evaluate whether your organization is improving over time


Easily Comply with New Joint Commission Requirements

Organizations accredited by the Joint Commission should check out Vista’s INSIGHT Addiction™ and INSIGHT Mental Health™ products, which make compliance easy:

  • Patients are screened online for depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and self-harming behavior using academically-validated screening questions and scales such as the PHQ-9, GAD-7 and Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale. 
  • All data is displayed in real time in color-coded patient graphs in Vista’s INSIGHT portal.  Counselors and center management can choose how and when to be notified of new submissions.
  • Patients are reassessed on whatever schedule your clinicians recommend using customized surveys that only take 2 to 4 minutes to complete.  For patients with access to smartphones or the internet, INSIGHT can text or email them directly when it is time for a new survey to be completed.
  • Real-time summary reports make it instantly apparent which patients are not progressing as well as expected.
  • Data is aggregated for center management in comprehensive reports on whatever schedule you require.

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