RECOVERY 20/20 Pricing


The base cost for RECOVERY 20/20 is $100 per patient.  Centers are charged one-third of this amount at one month, one-third at six months and one-third at twelve months after the patient leaves treatment.  At each of these times, Vista's researchers will make at least 7 attempts to contact the patient. 

Because achieving a high response rate is critical to maximizing the center's success rates, Vista incentivizes their researchers to go the extra mile in contacting slow-to-respond patients.  If Vista is able to complete at least 60% of the interviews due during any particular month, Vista receives a 10% bonus from the treatment center for that month's calls, with the bonus increasing to 15% for completing 65% of the interviews and 20% for completing 70% of the interviews. 

For larger treatment centers, Vista will randomly select 250 patients from each group the center wants to be able to report separate results for, thus capping the pre-bonus outcomes research cost at $25,000 per group.  For example, if a treatment center wants to report the results of their residential program separately from that of their IOP, Vista will randomly select no more than 250 patients from each of these programs to follow up with after treatment.