Join this one-hour webinar to learn what the Joint Commission outcome measures standard going into effect in January requires, how you might your own tools, and how you can full comply almost effortlessly. 

This 4-page case study shows how implementing measurement-based care with patient-reported data lead to substantially improved treatment of depression and eating disorders at a residential SUD treatment center.  Additionally, it helped the organization with their reaccreditation process and gave the Board of Directors the data they needed to consider a major expansion.  

Research has shown that regularly providing data about how patients are feeling to their therapists helps patients get better faster regardless of the type of therapeutic approach being provided.  As a result, interest in using patient-reported results to improve substance use disorder and behavioral health treatment results has been growing rapidly.

DATOS was a federally-funded study evaluating the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs for adult clients entering treatment between 1991 and 1993.  Extensive interviews were conducted among adults shortly after admission and during treatment, and 2,966 participants were interviewed one year after leaving treatment.    A separate study was conducted among adolescents shortly thereafter.