Getting Started with Patient Monitoring

Are you ready to comply with the new Joint Commission patient monitoring mandate?  Wonderful!  In most cases, you’ll be able to start receiving patient-reported data within a few hours!

Because we know you’ll love how easy our software is to use, we offer a 30-day free trial for both INSIGHT Addiction™ and INSIGHT Behavioral™.  After you’ve signed up, it should only take ten minutes to do these two things: 

  1. Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in which Vista agrees to protect your patients’ sensitive health information and comply with HIPAA regulations.  This agreement can be created and signed online in two minutes.
  2. Decide which employees need access to INSIGHT’s website.  Give us the names, email addresses and titles of the employees in each of your programs who need access to INSIGHT.  For each person, please specify whether they are a primary counselor responsible for specific patients as well as whether they should be able to access the protected health information for just their own patients, all patients in the program, or none at all.  This last category should be used for data collection staff members responsible for enrolling patients in the program and keeping their information up-to-date, but who do not need to see the patient data itself.

As soon as we’ve received the BAA Agreement and the information about your employees, we will typically be able to set up your INSIGHT program the same day.

To schedule a free training session for your staff, please sign up here.  Alternatively, your staff can watch short videos on how to use the INSIGHT website (6 minutes) and how to log in for the first time (2 minutes).

Signing up for the free trial locks in your per-patient pricing for the next year.  At the end of your 30-day trial, we will confirm the maximum number of patients you plan to monitor at a time, see if you’d also like us to follow up with your patients post-treatment, collect your payment information, and send you a final agreement.

Ready to Start Your Free 30-Day INSIGHT Trial?