Outcomes research helps your patients get better faster during treatment and proves how well your patients meet their long-term treatment goals.

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Outcomes Research Benefits


Banyan made implementing Vista’s INSIGHT programs our company-wide performance improvement project for 2018, and INSIGHT is now integral to everything we do.  Knowing what issues and concerns the patient has before they walk into their one-on-one sessions has allowed our clinicians to be more effective.  Also, INSIGHT’s standardized screening often illuminates important issues that weren’t uncovered by other assessments.  Finally, we’ve been impressed by how regularly Vista adds new features to the software and the helpfulness of their customer support staff.  We can’t imagine having to go back to operating without it!
Mary Lee Delate, Banyan Treatment Center Quality Assurance Director
Our Joint Commission accreditation interview went extremely well, and INSIGHT deserves a lot of the credit. One of the patients the surveyor choose to investigate had admitted having suicidal thoughts on an INSIGHT survey. Upon being alerted to this, our clinician had taken immediate, effective action, and documented this in the electronic record. The surveyor was tremendously impressed by this demonstration of clinician response!"
Robert Coffey, Executive Director of Aquila Recovery
We have been using INSIGHT and RECOVERY 20/20 since September 2017 and have found the feedback from our residents invaluable.  It assists us in treatment planning and alerts us to resident needs that require immediate intervention.  I attended a Vista Summit in 2018, which I found to be especially helpful!  Being able to compare our results with those of other treatment centers has been particularly useful.   The credibility and transparency Vista Research Group brings to addiction research is sorely needed in today's climate as it allows consumers to make more informed decisions. 
Dr. Cassandra Cannon, Clinical Director, AToN Center
INSIGHT Addiction™ has been very beneficial for our center. The reports give us clear insight into what we need to focus on in therapy with each patient and have been useful in utilization reviews. Several of our therapists have even modified their therapeutic approach after the reports showed that another therapist’s patients were getting better more quickly. The patients also love it and are using it to express things we typically didn’t hear before.
Dr. Craig Georgianna, Clinical Director of Therapia Addiction Healing Center
Vista Research has done a tremendous job helping Turning Point Centers to build a meaningful, user-friendly outcomes measurement platform. They are truly an innovator in the space, helping raise the bar for patient engagement and clinical care. I would highly recommend Insight or Recovery 20/20.
Chris Mackintosh, CEO, Turning Point Centers
We had our Joint Commission follow-up survey yesterday, and wanted to pass along to you that our surveyor was thoroughly impressed with the annual Vista report.  She could not stop talking about it, and was very pleased with Vista as a whole.  She said that many programs are still not in compliance with the standard of care of outcome measures (like 1 in 10 programs) and she was enthused to spread the word about Vista and encourage other programs to use it.  In fact, she scheduled a meeting for me to speak with Joint Commission leadership about Vista and how we use it!  
Dave Callister, LCSW, Executive Clinical Director, Awakening Behavioral Health