INSIGHT Addiction and INSIGHT Behavioral are state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant programs that collect data from patients about how they're feeling and summarize it in real time in easily-understandable graphs so clinicians can use it to inform clinical care.  Designed specifically to meet the needs of substance abuse and behavioral health care treatment programs for measurement-based care, INSIGHT provides the proven benefits of Progress Monitoring to clinicians and treatment center personnel.  And because all the research is patient-reported online, acquiring this powerful data is almost effortless for the center. 



INSIGHT does the following so your overworked staff can focus on your patients rather than on collecting, graphing & summarizing data:

  • Collects data from patients via a laptop, tablet or cell phone
  • Instantly displays patient results in easy-to-understand, color-coded graphs
  • Sends alerts to clinicians of new submissions, including instantly alerting them to dangerous behavior
  • Identifies patients not progressing well by summarizing the most recent data by counselor and by program
  • Tracks when the last survey was submitted for each patient and when the next one is due
  • Requests new surveys from patients with the click of a button
  • Automatically contacts all patients whose next surveys are due at a specified time each week, if desired
  • Aggregates your data in a comprehensive annual report showing how effective your program is at treating underlying conditions, how satisfied your patients are with the treatment they're receiving, whether your results are improving over time, and how your program's effectiveness compares to national norms.  
  • INSIGHT's new data analytics platform allows you to analyze 29 key metrics by program, by clinician and by time period to help you easily identify system-wide opportunities to improve your treatment
  • Provides quarterly audits during the first six months of the percentage of patients being effectively monitored by INSIGHT as well as the frequency with which your clinicians are logging in to the software so you can make sure your center is effectively using the software
  • Encourages patients to respond to post-treatment follow-up surveys should you also be interested in providing long-term success rate data to payers or prospective future clients using RECOVERY 20/20


Specialized Programs for Addiction Treatment & Behavioral Healthcare


In order to make sure we're monitoring addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare patients for the most issues most relevant to them, we've created separate specialized programs.  Learn which conditions INSIGHT will screen and monitor your patients for by clicking on the appropriate link: 



Because we believe progress monitoring is instrumental in helping treatment programs improve their outcomes, Vista is offering INSIGHT Addiction and INSIGHT Behavioral at a price even the smallest treatment centers can afford.  View pricing.



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