Why You Want Your Treatment Program to Be Doing Patient Research

Treatment programs using Vista Research Group’s INSIGHT Addiction™ or INSIGHT Behavioral™ progress monitoring research are using the most advanced evidence-based treatment to treat their patients.  While most of the behavioral health industry is decades behind other industries in their use of data to improve performance, Vista clients are screening their patients for common co-occurring disorders and self-harming behaviors and monitoring the severity of their patients’ symptoms and cravings throughout the course of treatment.  Since extensive research has shown that providing patient-reported data to counselors on a regular basis helps patients get better faster, you should consider this a key indicator that this program is being professionally-run by people who really care.

Most of the treatment programs using INSIGHT Addiction™ or INSIGHT Behavioral™ have also hired Vista to follow up with their patients after treatment and independently verify the long-term effectiveness of the treatment they’re providing.  Since independent verification of treatment effectiveness is extremely rare in the behavioral health industry, any programs investing the money for Vista’s RECOVERY 20/20™ service are proving that they take their mission of helping patients recover very seriously.